Pimple Plaster By Diva Stuff, Healing and Concealing Blemish Treatment with Band-Aid Stretch Technology


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Pimple Plaster By Diva Stuff conceals blemishes and reduces redness while other ingredients sink in through pores to heal and dry out the blemish. Contains a boat load of acne fighthing ingredients and natural oxides that gently cover and conceal redness and acne. Contains polyvinyl which acts as a band-aid allowing the cream to move with your skin instead of flake off. Gently dab on the affected area and layer as needed. May use under or over make up or alone.

Ingredients: tea tree water, spearmint water, peppermint water,poly vinyl, lactic acid,turmeric hydrosol, butylene glycol, rice starch,myrica wax,polysorbate 80, aloe oil, menthol crystals, citrine wax, emulsifying wax,cyclomethcone, salicylic acid, natural oxides, titanium dioxide, liquid germal plus.

Directions: Gently dab on affected area or areas and layer until concealed. May use under or over make up or alone.

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