Charcoal Detox Clay Facial Mask and Cleanser With Vita Burst Charcoal Beads,Reduces Pores,Purges Blackheads and Treats Acne, 2oz


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New charcoal vita burst beads are a total game changer in the charcoal product industry. The beads do not burst until applied to the skin. You will notice a lot less of mess when using this product then when using other charcoal products. The ingredients work to fight acne, purge blackheads, and detoxify the skin. Apply directly to the face and watch it magically transform from white to dark gray as the beads activate. You may use this product as a cleansing wash or a mask or both. Great for sensitive skin too. Comes in a 2 ounce jar.

Ingredients: kaolin clay, peppermint water, aloe gel, hemp seed oil, bamboo extract, African black soap, castile soap,lemon oil, charcoal detox beads, liquid germal plus.

Directions: Apply to face and neck and massage in circular motion. Rinse clean or allow to sit for a bit then rinse.