We’re focused on giving you the finest quality beauty products.


Diva Stuff is a north Florida-based small business run by family and friends and founded by Kym Nadeau. It brings together Kym’s passion for arts and crafts with her love of potions and lotions.

A few years ago, Kym was inspired to develop a flu and cold-fighting product she called the ” Cold Kicker Lip Slicker” – an all-natural, lemon honey-flavored lip balm made with ingredients known to combat germs and bacteria.

Armed with extensive research on natural ingredients with other useful properties as well as skin care secrets from around the world, Kym began crafting new products, evolving and expanding the Diva Stuff line. An art teacher, she then brought her creations to school for her co-workers to try, and their enthusiastic reception convinced her to start selling them on eBay — where the accolades grew even further. Today, Diva Stuff is a thriving, growing brand with dozens of products from make-up to soap bars and everything in between.

And it’s all made in the U.S.A.!

Our products are still handmade, formulated to remain as natural as possible, and never tested on animals. Like us on Facebook to hear about new products and promotions and for a chance to win free products in weekly giveaways!