Diva Eyes, Tightens, Lifts& Repairs Areas Around The Eyes, with Cucumber Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe and Fission Instant Lift


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Diva Eyes comes in a rollerball container and you don't need much at all. Just dab around the eyes or on eyelids and allow to dry. You will feel a tightening sensation. Apply make up after applying the treatment. The lift will be temporary but the ingredients help heal the damaged, aging and loose skin. Over time so you will see a permanent difference in the skin around your eyes. About some of the ingredients: The loss of natural hyaluronic acid is one of the causes of wrinkles, so the idea of putting HA back into the skin to repair wrinkles makes sense. Hyaluronic acid fillers are useful for reducing or removing wrinkles. By reducing wrinkles, hyaluronic acid fillers make the skin look younger and increase skin tone, making it look smooth and supple. Studies have shown that SkinTight C-Root has an immediate and medium term tightening effect on the skin thanks to sequential release of the active ingredient. After regular application the skin looks tight, firm and without signs of fatigue. Restores skin’s splendor. The protein and polysaccharides in Fision® Instant Lift work together to form a substantive and cohesive film which instantly tightens while smoothing wrinkles as the water in a formulation evaporates. It tightens as it dries, resulting in the firming, tightening effects. Cucumbers are high in vitamin E and potassium to reduce fine lines, act as an anti wrinkle treatment, reduce blemishes and many other signs of aging. Cucumbers on eyes also works well because cucumbers are high in silica and antioxidants. This abundance of antioxidants is what makes it one of the best anti aging products.

Ingredients: aloe vera juice, cucumber extract, hyaluronic solution, hyaluronic acid, skintight c root, hexapeptide, fision instant lift, derma tightening, liquid germal plus.

Directions: Apply to clean dry skin around the eyes.

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