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Are you concerned with aging and worried about occasional acne outbursts as well? This amazing product is for you. Made for those who want to keep their skin looking young, fresh, firm and acne free. Made with hibiscus flowers, lavender flowers and, chamomille flowers. That lovely mauve color is natural and comes from the intense purification of the hibiscus flowers. All of these flowers are beneficial for great skin. It also contains distilled water, chamomille hydrosol and lavender hydrosol, vitamin e and rosehip oil. It is very light and should be used at night by applying to a cotton ball and then swiping over face , do not rinse off. If you are concerned mostly with aging wait for this product to dry then follow with one of our night creams or the Hibiscus Lift. If you are more concerned with acne then do not apply anything else. This is for 1, 4 ounce bottle of product.

Ingredients: distilled water, chamomille, hydrosol, vitamin e, rosehip oil, hibiscus flowers, chamomille flowers, lavender flowers, lavender hydrosol.

Directions: Moisten one cotton ball and apply to a clean dry face before going to bed, do not rinse off.

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