Lavender & Tea Tree Oil Face Scrubbies, Single Use Face Wash Cloths


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Introducing our new Lavender and Tea Tree Face Scrubbies. Each pad is adorned with lavender buds too. Lavender will help keep acne at bay because of its anti bacterial and anti fungal properties. In addition it soothes and calms red, swollen and irritated skin. Each scrubbie is good for 2-3 uses if kept clean.

  • Made with essential oils of lavender and tea tree
  • Antibacterial properties
  • Singe use face wash scrubbies
  • Works as a toner and face wash
  • Great for all skin types


Ingredients: pure glycerin soap, lavender essential oil, tea tree essential oil, lavender buds.

Directions: Moisten one scrubbie under warm water and massage over face and neck in a circulalr motion, rinse throroughly. You can use each scrubbie 2-3 times just take care to keep them clean.

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