Milia Facial Treatment Bundle, 2 Face Scrubbies and Face Cream & Spot Set


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In this set is TWO jars of our best selling Milia face scrubbies, 1 bottle of the milia cream and 1 spot treatment. What is Milia? Milia is when keratin (a substance produced by the skin) becomes entrapped beneath the outer layer of the skin, forming a tiny cyst. The cysts are white in color and look like whiteheads. Our new set helps treat formed Milia and keeps more from developing. It contains ingredients that help dissolve and slough off dead skin and outer layers of skin so that the milia seed can be released. Please note the natural ingredients in this product may have a strange odor. Do not use these products on babies or newborns.

  • Salicylic Acid is a Beta Hydroxy Acid, which means it has an exfoliating effect. What it does is sweep inside a follicle, which helps to loosen up a plug
  • Retinol Liposomes help open up the Milia and prevent more from forming
  • Pumice acts as an exfoliant to remove and dislodge embedded dead skin cells and oil
  • Niacin is extremely beneficial in maintaining healthy skin
  • Set contains three products, 2 Jars of Face Scrubbies , 1 Bottle of Face Cream, 1 tube of Spot Treatment for use day or night