Pineapple Orchid Anti Cellulite Soap Bar


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Our new soap bar is similar to our popular Pineapple Orchid Anti Cellulite Cream. It contains all of the same ingredients PLUS caffeine powder. The white specks in the soap bar is the caffeine powder but it also contains all of the other ingredients listed below. Please note each bar is different in color. We make several bases and swirl them together to create a tie dye effect. Each bar weighs about 5 ounces. Has the same pineapple orchid fragrance as our cream. This soap is for the person who does not want to deal with coffee grinds in their tub! 1) Horse Tail Extract-- helps to retain skins elasticity as well as decreasing the appearance of cellulite 2) Green Tea Butter-- burns fat reserves and prevents storage of new fats 3) Bladderwrack Extract-- penetrates deep into tissues and releases trapped toxins back into the blood stream so they can be removed from the body 4) Cypress-- aids in combating fluid retention and stimulates varicose veins 5) Lemon Butter--stimulates the circulatory system 6) Grapefruit -- has a toning effect on the skin surface 8) Coffee Butter--stimulates the breakdown of fat cells and widens the blood vessels in the area.

Ingredients: Glycerin soap, horsetail butter, lemon oil, green tea butter, caffeine powder, coffee butter, bladderwack, fragrance, colorant, cypress.

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